"Better Days With" Peter Hayes
“There is a big movement trying to tear down America, thats says 'America is 100% evil and never did good'…and what Dr. Frank Simon of American Family Association says is very very important; if we continue to let the family be destroyed marriage and heterosexuality, we will lose our society and community and we'll lose our country… “
Joe Tapper ( Just Ask Joe)
“…better days with Peter Hayes, he said something about relationships with your country …when you hate your country then you know it causes dissension and different things of that nature and it makes me think about the correlation of relationships in general . We would like to have a relationship with our country just like we have relationships with each other with people; just like people are married, the man and woman have a relationship…if you are feeling negative about the other party of your relationship and no matter what that relationship is dissension can grow, negativity will grow and as you continue to focus on that negativity that's what you going to get more and more of that negativity.”
John Yah
“The relationship between black men and black women: most of the black women who grew up without a father. When young girl grows up with a father in the home. Well from the father’s voice she understands masculinity and femininity in the mother's voice…when the child acting bad and the mother says I'm going to tell your daddy when he gets home…she understand how to respect the father’s wishes when she grows up. If she doesn't grow up with a father…she jumps in men's face ….this masculinity role that she plays toward men, it causes conflict…. important fact is that it is very important for a father to be in the daughter’s life. … the first love of a woman or a female should be the father she grows up with. Without that love she seeks love from men who seek her for sex…she has no father image to compare the men to!
Dr. Simon, of American Family Association, said , that children in school must not be required to wear masks, as it is very unlikely that they would be harmed by Covid in any serious way.


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