Uncle Meshorn expresses his disgust at the Super Bowl 2022 half time show.The taste of the music and it’s content was targeting millennial hip hop fans, which uses, very insulting , humiliating and unrestrained language. Uncle Meshorn compares this Super Bowl to the ones in his generation 50s and 60s , when Prince and Michael Jackson were the best voted Super Bowl half time shows celebrities.Uncle Meshorn sees a major cultural shift within his demographic which produce the major part of the music and entertainment in our nation.In the 50s, his demographic of people even though were persecuted, were the best dressed, most respectful in their language, both as children and adults. And likewise they produced music that reflected that respectful culture.However especially the millennials artists in his demographic have compromised that culture,to the point that of not caring at all whether they may insult, humiliate or disrespect the audience, in their lyrics.So the Super Bowl halftime show 2022 was a loud alarm where our nation is heading culturally!Watch The Entirety of Show


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