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How Not To Be “Sick &Tired” and do something about it!

  Just Ask Joe and Uncle MeShorn are “Sick and Tired” of how we divide ourselves based in color of skin, religion, denominations, etc. They seek a world where value is based on character, and the universal human value.

Fornication in Our Community

Rev. Bevel, once confessed that "Number one issue in the Descendants of American Slaves ( ADS) is Fornication" quoted Peter Hayes( European Descent). Joe Tapper ( ADS) agrees, and he is proud that for many years he has stayed fully Faithful to his wife, till now. Uncle MeShorn, a faithful husband for 25 years, is sorry to having had sex with multiple women without any commitment, before he met his present wife.

The Power of Unity in Our Community!

  Ed Hitnze for 40 years has succeeded to help Black churches in Louisville, Ky to unite and vote, to stop the powers that was abusing their community. A dutch descent, the many abuse he experienced at childhood made him resonate with the plight of descendants of American Slaves community.

Will Family Survive in Your Community?

  With so many churches, why can't we take hold of destruction of family in our community?! In Satirical or dark comedy style, Uncle Meshorn, Just Ask Joe and Better Days with Peter Hayes bring up the issue of so many children born out of wedlock and how that Co relates with stats on destruction of prosperity in our communities.