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Spirituality Vs. Religion: Author Ali Mahjoub Trusted His Intuition to Meeting the 2nd Coming of Christ

  Can intuition, dreams and our inner voice lead us to answer hard spiritual questions on our own, or do we need organized religion to lead us? Author Ali Mahjoub interviewed by a panel discussion: #mrjustaskjoe, Uncle Meshorn, Marcus Ray and #betterdayswithpeterhayes. For the last 400 years, the slaves born in America found their spirituality in songs and suffering innocently for the sake of building this nation and restoring its soul. Yet, European descendant's theologies has overshadowed that spirituality in the so called "black" churches. Original Livecast

Why Vote? Interview with Chartrael Hall, Louisville Mayoral Candidate

  Chartrael Hall, Louisville Mayoral Candidate 2022 discussed how he feels we need to elect him because the youth with all the juvenile issues are his peers. He feels we need to bridge the gap between generations , ethnicities and political affiliations, in order to help the youth with their disconnect with Father figures. Marcus D. Ray and #MRJUSTASKJOE, Uncle Meshorn and Peter Hayes discussed why low voter turn out in Louisville is leaving the decision of their future into the hand of very few voters. That we can't complain about politics not working unless we vote. Original Live Show

Can Traditional Beliefs Enslave You? Ali Mahjoub: His Journey From Mohammad, to Jesus to Moon

  In this Episode we interviewed Author Ali Mahjoub about his Journey from Mohammad, to Jesus to Sun Myung Moon. Also, we discussed "Can Traditional Beliefs Enslave you?" Uncle Meshorn, #mrjustaskjoe , and Marcus D. Ray, and Peter Hayes pointed to the fact that the American slaves did not have the literate skills nor the access to any library, thus, they were forced to accept the European descent master's theology; the thought which taught them to a have codependent relationship with God instead of co-creator-ship! Watch Full Episode on Spotify

Family Is the epicenter of healing the least and the most in United States

  [Background info : 70% out of wedlock children in USA are born to descendants of American Slaves ( ignorantly called "black people") families. This number was as low as 5% before 1960. Since the dominant Descendants of Europeans culture saw "family breakdown" as a phenomenon of the "other races",  and did not take any major action to heal it in "other races". And now this issue has caught up with them at the rate of 60% divorce rate ; and now %20 (compared to 1% before 1960) of out of wedlock children are born into the European descent community.] In this episode the discussion is, if a nation does not care for the worst issues in the "least" (the uneducated and poverty ridden), then it won't be able to care for the "greatest"(the so called educated and wealthier). "We are all one family under our creator". rev. jessie Steward, Author (Authority of Love) Greg Williams, Uncle MeShorn, #Mrjustaskjoe, and Better D