Family Is the epicenter of healing the least and the most in United States


[Background info : 70% out of wedlock children in USA are born to descendants of American Slaves ( ignorantly called "black people") families. This number was as low as 5% before 1960. Since the dominant Descendants of Europeans culture saw "family breakdown" as a phenomenon of the "other races",  and did not take any major action to heal it in "other races". And now this issue has caught up with them at the rate of 60% divorce rate ; and now %20 (compared to 1% before 1960) of out of wedlock children are born into the European descent community.] In this episode the discussion is, if a nation does not care for the worst issues in the "least" (the uneducated and poverty ridden), then it won't be able to care for the "greatest"(the so called educated and wealthier). "We are all one family under our creator". rev. jessie Steward, Author (Authority of Love) Greg Williams, Uncle MeShorn, #Mrjustaskjoe, and Better Days With Peter Hayes participated.


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