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Juneteenth Celebrated By All Americans

  Juneteenth (June 19) must be celebrated by all Americans who seek freedom. The Emancipation not only brought  Proclamation to the American Slaves but also to all American immigrant(once 13th, 14th and 15th amendments were ratified afterwards).

Drugs & Fatherhood: Can "Black" Fathers Win Over The Drug Industry, as Descendants of American Slaves

  Drugs and sex industry purpose is to overthrow the protective fathers of the so called "black" community (Descendants of American Slaves). On this Father's day, how can we redetermine as fathers to turn the losing tide toward winning over the drug and sex sugar daddies.

Bringing Back The Proud Fatherhood As Builders of USA- The Descendants of American Slaves

 Why the pride in fatherhood has been on a decrease  for the last decades in the so-called "black" community (The Descendants of American Slaves)? Full Live Show

Operational Readiness In Your Family- Leonard Walker

This episode guest, Leonard Walker, a retired military officer, says, be "Operation Ready" in your family, before being "Operation Ready" as a leader in "Black" (Descendant of American Slaves) community. Original Live Show