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Is NAACP still Relevant after 150 Years since Freeing of Slaves?

  Marcus Ray says any affirmative action toward freedom is still relevant, as long as our people are still called "black" or "African American" instead of Descendants of American Slaves.

Talk About Yourself! What Did You Do To Make Change Happen?

Charles Daniels, a life Coach and MeShorn's Dad, says, "when it comes to change, first reflect what "I" did, before we talk about what the "group" (the community or government, etc) did to make change happen.

Is The American Dream For The Descendants of American Slaves?

In this episode, our guest John Yah, explains that the United States Constitution, despite all its disfavor for Descendants of American Slaves, is still best system for any individual to achieve the American Dream. The key to success for us is to overcome our identity crisis, resulted from the 400 years of slavery.

Is Abortion Choice , belong tp The Couple, The Government or Just Women's?

  In this episode Activist Martin Smith shares that "the Roe Vs. Wade" case overturning by Supreme Court was to give the Abortion choice to the  back to local voters in each city, county, and state, away from the Federal control.