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Can Churches Collaborate Against Violence?

 In West End Louisville KY, there are 3 times more churches than East End? Yet the Violence rate is much higher in West End! Why is that?

9-11-2001, What Our Community Feels About it?!

In this episode we discuss the fact that Descendants of American Slaves ( Known ad Black) community has experienced Terrorism from within United States the last 400 years, before experiencing terrorism from outside of US on 911, according to this dictionary definition of Terrorism: “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims”.

Why Masculinity has been made wrong?!

We discuss the terminology “toxic Masculinity“ as an oxymoron term!  Masculinity itself can not be wrong, but a person born as a man can be toxic. Just as well, Feminity cannot be toxic. Media popularizing the term  “toxic Masculinity” was to make “masculinity“ it’s as a bad thing!

Can Manhood Survive in Our Community?

 Leonard Walker says, in media,  women are influenced to “out men” men!! This is going to discourage the men in our community from regaining their manhood after 400 years of it being taken away by the European descent “masters”; the master’s usually did not recognize or respect the marital relationships of the slaves.