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Uncle MeShorn Daniels

 I am a cadence caller for Believers - Ret.Army Sergeant First Class Louisville, Kentucky, United States Born in 1961 in Miami Florida my mother raise me. She feared I would end up in jail or dead before my eighteenth birthday, so in 1978 she made a choice to sign me over to the U. S. Army to help me become a man. Prior to joining the army, I developed some distrust concerning people, religions and races. The Army retrained me and built up my confidence. I realized that I needed to trust my fellow soldiers. I would come to depend on them for survival. My success would come from a numerous missions that we accomplish together. Our trust, respect and confidence had nothing to do with races, religion or life styles. Then I retired and return to the civilian living, I learned quickly nothing had changed about civilian living. American people were as divided as before, if not more. During one of my morning runs, I prayed and asked God for wisdom and understanding. I recall, 1978 my Drill Sergeant he would say soldier! “Uncle Sam ain’t released you yet.” I felt spiritually inspired. I am to become a cadence caller to remind witness and reveal confidence to all believers.

Interests Creating confidence, unity and belief for all people of all races. The simple understanding & knowledge concerning the methods and provisions of love from our Creator.

Favorite Movies Matrix, In the Heat of the Night, Ten Commandments, Passion of Christ, Nothing But A Man, After Earth

Favorite Music KEM, George Huff, MAZE, Micheal McDonald, Micheal Franks, Jazz, Inspirational Music, Old School Music

Favorite Books Bible, America's Little Black Book, Come on people, Unstoppable, Born Again, The Four Agreements, Spiritual Authority, How to Change the World, Spiritual Man, Jesus CEO

The Professional Soldier Ten

1. To be confident that nothing can distract my peace of mind from God.
2. To speak confidence, unity, belief and faith to every person I meet.
3. To go, as I am commissioned, to reassure all people that there is a purpose for their life.
4. To look at the hopeful side of everything and make my belief come true.
5. To think only of the best, to work only for the best and to expect only the best.
6. To be just as enthusiastic about the hope for others as I am for my self.
7. To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievement of the future.
8. To represent the spiritual fruits of confidences at all times and give a smile to every living creature I meet.
9. To give so much time to the improvement of myself that I have no time to criticize others.
10. I am too confident and knowledgeable to worry, be anger or doubt. I am too mature in God to permit the presence of fear to steal my faith.

Joe Tapper

 is a renowned entrepreneur and business professional! He resides in South Florida but travels all over the United States doing speaking engagements. He has a newly created life insurance agency called Best Financial Services Group. Savvy in the world of Forex Trading and has a general eye for business investing. Currently working towards business merger acquisitions as a new branch of Best FSG. 

Joe has been a radio and TV personality off and on through the years. His career as a media Entertainer started at the tender age of 13 when he walked into Cloverleaf Mall in Richmond Virginia where he grew up and auditioned for a Fox 35 kids club correspondent. From there he had a year-long contract with local Fox TV station and caught the bug for entertainment and Showmanship! Years later as a sales demonstrator out in front of hundreds of people with Vitamix corporation oh, for years he outsold many people as he put on one of the most entertaining Vitamix demonstrations ever seen! People all over the US would come and watch his show as he sold almost $600,000 in Vitamix blending equipment his last year with Vitamix in 2011. They would all say, 'I'm buying this because your show convinced me I needed it! Being a Vitamix sales demonstrator is what honed his skills for his current media platform. It also is the reason he began to focus more on the world of health and wellness and rid his own body of the symptoms of Crohn's Disease getting off doctor prescribed medications.

He was recently a show host on a popular radio show in Louisville Kentucky called Man Up Radio where he co-hosted with MeShorn Daniel's. That show is where he met brother John Yah Esoteric Conceptz who is his current co-host on their popular podcast, The Tipping Point Morning Show. Together, they take on topics people tend to not talk about and don't mind rubbing people the wrong way in order to focus on truth and provoking thought!

Joe is the father of four kids including one step child whom he takes care of like his own. He is also the oldest of three boys and son to jazz saxophonist, Joseph Tapper Sr.

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